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A list of our official selections and our category award winners.

Note that our movies are PG-13; there is violence, gore disturbing scenes along with a smattering of nudity.

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Vanity and apps collide.


Combine a gruesome child’s game and a guy crazy as bats$%# and you have this wonderful short channeling Brad Pitt’s 12 Monkeys.

Day Trippers

A fun thriller where a couple of friends go for a nice safe walk in the woods.


Don’t hit the reset button.

Diggin’ A Hole

One of our favourite Canadian films, just a girl, out digging a hole.


This Canadian short combines stop-motion animation and horror.

Encounters: The Dinner Party

Are any of your co-workers just a bit weird or ‘out of this world’?

Find Me

A tense Canadian thriller / horror tying in the pandemic and creepy as F$%# neighbours.


A Canadian Frankenstein story with a happy ending.


It is a superhero, but really, who is it.

Hunting Darkness

Shapeshifters and Crypto Zoologists – what else can I say about this fun Canadian film.

I’m Not Jacques

Mistaken identity taken to a new height.

Itty Bitty Izzy

This Canadian short explores the idea of your cat being bigger than you…


A real barn burner.

Knock Knock

Living alone is scary, even more if you are female, late night knocks at the door can be a bit stressful. First time filmmaker.

Last Orders

A very well acted film exploring late night closing at a pub and a lone customer starring Alastair Parker from the Witcher.

Lurking Man

Explores an urban legend that just may follow you home.

Mummering Legends

The legends of Newfoundland are explored in this tense horror piece, starring Mary Walsh.

Nightmare Delivered

A neat twighlight zonish short.

On the Inside

Fast paced foreign language film, just a guy out for a relaxing walk.

On the Loose

This Canadian film tells us why we shouldn’t always answer the door late at night.

Patient Zero

The cutest dogs in the world start a zombie apocalypse.

Return to Sender

What if you kept receiving Amazon like packages that you never ordered – Jamie Lee Curtis produced and starring Allison Tolman from Fargo.

Self Actualization of the Werewolf Woman

Who really helps the world, vampires or werewolves.


A full length Canadian horror where there are bad things outside…and inside.

Slash O’Lantern

It is all about the costume…and maybe a psycho killer.

Snake Dick

The name really says it all……seriously.

Some Visitors

This violent, sometimes disturbing film examines home invasions. (warning - this movie can be triggering)

Something Very Odd, Indeed

Didn’t Indiana Jones teach us not to steal artifacts.


You will laugh, you will cry, you may never have soup again.

Spy vs. Spia

A quick witted romp reminiscent of Moonlighting.


A great film with a killer soundtrack that explores what we are willing to do for talent.


First time Italian director shares the horror that can erupt when you are ‘stuck’ alone in a new house.

Swamp Crow

This Canadian short brings the horror right to your home.

The Final Haunting

A documentary crew visits a REAL haunted house, a smooth Canadian short.

The Great Kentucky Goblin Spree

Pure hillbilly meets aliens.

The House

A house sitting right beside hell needs a handyman – a great Vancouver produced film.

The Night Out

A serial killer visits two women on a ladies night out.

The Peeper

The winner of 2020’s Hex’s best foreign film returns with another great short.

The Recycling Man

A beautifully shot film where kids can be very annoying, starring Benjamin Ainsworth of Son of Critch.

The Sandman

A visit from the sandman is definitely not relaxing.

The Sprayer

A great animated movie from Iran.

The Tell Tale Heart

Edgar Alan Poe’s work brought to a beautifully designed film set by a first time film maker.

The Woodsman

It’s Christmas and you just can’t sell that last tree…

Violet Daze

This tense thriller is visually stunning and explores the dark side of a BFF.

Welcome to Our Home

When prospective daughter in laws and their in laws really don’t see eye to eye, all hell can break loose.

You’re Dead Helen

When you just can’t get rid of your dead girlfriend.

Best Actor

Timothy Ian Tate (Kwasi Thomas)
The House

Best Actress

Irina Volka/ Erin Anderssen (Erin Carere)
Spy vs. Spia

Best Animation

The Sprayer

Best Costume

The Tell Tale Heart

Best Horror

Some Visitors

Best Full Length


Best Foreign Language

On the Inside

Best Comedy

Diggin’ A Hole

Breakout Filmmaker


Best Short

You’re Dead Helen

Best Canadian


Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy

The Great Kentucky Goblin Spree

Best Special Effects

Violet Daze

Best Cinematography

The Recycling Man

Best Soundtrack


Best Sound Effects

Last Orders

Fan Favourite